Meets West is dangerous. They make music that is dynamic and lethal. Their tools of the trade (guitar, drums & bass) are familiar enough, but what they create with them is not. The band operates like an elaborate retelling of Japanese robot magna. You know the type. Where our heroes, who inevitably find themselves outgunned and outnumbered, combine together into something grander and more powerful then they could ever be by themselves. And that's when the bullets start flying. Angular guitar merges with precise and bombastic rhythm, while bass guitar swirls skyward. Meets West write music that is vital. Songs that pummel you into sweet oblivion. You're left a little bruised...a little battered...but smiling, and no worse for the wear.
Meets West is Isaac Krady on bass and vocals, Jay Seibert on guitar and vocals, and Ames Sutton on drums.

Meets West take the stage at 6:10pm.