Who are Saturday’s Saints? Good question. People have been searching for the answer since the dawn of man. Some would say “band”; “Brooklyn band”; and still others say “Brooklyn-based pop-punk band of the century”. Regarding the controversial name of Saturday’s Saints, is it more ironic that the members are very un-saint like, or that the band is composed of four Jews? In light of these most excellent queries, one can only look to the profundity of singer/lyricist Eddie Erani: “do I like them because I write them? Or do I write them because I like them…” Scintillating, isn’t it? “I think music is what makes the world go round but Saturday’s Saints is what greases the wheel”, Eddie continues. Accompaniment composer Ezra Erani chimes in with: “agreed”. “Ezra is probably the most talented guitarist the east coast has ever seen” and when asked about the 17 year old ‘prodigy’, bassist Sammy Chera said, “ When I was 17, I didn’t know that Ohio was a state, its crazy how much talent is bottled up in such a young man.” Few know that the driving force behind Saturday’s Saints is an undying love for crowd-pleasing. “I love them, with all my heart, I want to marry all of them, always. The crowd is the fuel that keeps me going.” Says Ezra. The other members of the band feel the same way about their fans, but are so loyal to each other that they would never dream of sneaking around with Ezra’s significant others. So why do they do it? Why do they create such masterpieces, invent such art and selflessly perform for all others to enjoy? “I do it for the girls, and the money of course.” Says Sammy. Ezra adds that, “among the time spent sorting out his priorities, Sammy enjoys knitting and keeping a well watered garden.” So who are Saturday’s Saints? While many questions still remain unanswered, one may now be able to see the tip of the massive iceberg of potential that is Saturday’s Saints.

Saturday's Saints take the stage at 8:05pm.

You can visit Saturday's Saints online at