Creativity, Originality and Passion summed up.

Throughout the past 4 years, The Perfect Mistake has established itself as a mainstay in the New York rock scene, catching the ears of non-believers with their high energy live show and ultra catchy sound resembling that of Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. The Perfect Mistake has shared the stage with artists signed to Virgin, Maverick, Warner, Drive-Thru, Victory and Tooth and Nail records among others. With an uncompromised DIY ethic, and a handful of regional tours under their belt, The Perfect Mistake are set to make some noise.

The Perfect Mistake began in Spring '03 when Irving Safdieh and Joe Vaknen met in high school. That May, two months after debuting an original song at a school talent show together, Irv and Joe picked up Morris Betesh and Billy Mizrahi and hit the studio to record their first demo. TPM was born.

By that Summer, with an average band age of 13 and a half and no resources for promotion but the word of mouth, The Perfect Mistake exploded from nowhere, selling over 1,000 copies and proving to be a force to be reckoned with, giving a new face to the lifeless scene that was Brooklyn, New York.

That following Winter, TPM hit the studio to record their full length EP titled "In Flames". "In Flames" showcased the band's musical strengths, that which they are still known for today --- clever songwriting, contagious guitar hooks and overall solid, catchy rock songs.

In December '04, The Perfect Mistake was featured on the front page of Pure Volume which in turn, gave them the exposure needed to let the world know what they were missing. During that time, The Perfect Mistake held the positions of number 1 overall artist, number 1 unsigned artist and the number 1, 4 and 6 songs throughout the whole Pure Volume community.

In March '06, TPM hit the studio once more, this time with producer Mike Watts (The Fold, The Almost, As Tall As Lions, Self Against City) to record their newest release, "A Step in the Right Direction". The new EP highlighted all in which TPM have been praised for in the past while adding the perks gained from a few years of experience and just plain old growing up.

In the Summer of 06, TPM were featured on the front page of Pure Volume TWICE! Needless to say, TPM held the #1 slot for overall unsigned artist and most downloaded song for three weeks.

In January '07, TPM was chosen top unsigned artist by Fuse and are scheduled to appear and perform on Steven's Untitled Rock Show in Spring '07.

Presently, The Perfect Mistake have taken a break from touring to write their new album, slated for a mid '07 release.

The Perfect Mistake is a story about four boys coming together to pioneer a scene that, beforehand, did not exist in Brooklyn. Currently, the story's in the making...

The Perfect Mistake takes the stage at 7:05pm.

You can visit The Perfect Mistake online at